Gold Investment B.C - a rare GOLDEN opportunity for private individuals to invest in gold shares.
Gold Investment B.C.
Gold Investment B.C - a rare GOLDEN opportunity for private individuals to invest in gold mining shares.
For a minimum investment of USD $9,750 we offer 10 OZ 999 Gold to be delivered within 18 months to the investor bullion account in good delivery gold or cash equivalent.

This offer is limited to a maximum quantity of 5,000 Oz (ca 1/3 of the 1st yearly extraction). Maximum Investment 100 Oz / Investor. This offer expires at the end of June 2011
New Alternative Offer : Private Share Issue Q4 2012 - Q1 2013

Tribesa Trading PTE. Ltd.has authorized the allocation of 5 Million shares for private placement, in order to raise additional funds to aggressively increase the Extraction of Gold in industrial quantities.

Stock Placement has been fully subscribed to and completed as of May 2012. Additional stock will be issued upon listing of the company on a relevant stock exchange. -

Additional stock block 1 Million shares for individual private placements of our scheduled public listing in END 2012 to 1st Q 2013 have been set aside for a sophisticated group of investors. 
Gold Investment Opportunities for private individual investors to participate in the expansion of our gold resource operations.
Buy Gold at discounted rates now and reap the rewards as the offer matures: Expires Dec 2012.
Our New Private Share Issue is open to the general public and represents a fantastic chance to be part of an expanding gold resource operation, as well as capitalise on our future in-company preferential stock offers.

* Please contact us to check on remaining stocks and availablity - most of this allocation has already been sold as we gave our existing investors prior preference (subject to individual limits) with this special opportunity.
Gold Investment Opportunities
Buy gold at discounted rates now and reap the rewards upon maturity.
In view of the limited number of shares left for placement, we had to implement a maximum allocation which is not to exceed 100,000 shares per new unique investor. The stock price is set at 1 Can.$ / share. This NEW GROUP of sophisticated investors, who qualify for the allocation of the 2 million shares will also be offered a very special BONUS: As a 'GOLDEN HELLO', for each 10,000 shares purchased, the investor also obtains the right to purchase 1 Oz. of PURE GOLD at extraction cost, which we guarantee NOT to exceed US $ 650.-- / Oz. The current market value of 1 Oz Gold is around $1500 and rising!  The bullion will be delivered at the end of the first year of operations of the mine. When you become an existing investor, You will also receive preferential priority on the further profitable offers as they are made, such as the existing offer expiring at the end of 2012. ASSET PROCEEDS ALLOCATION OFFER IS PRESENTLY PLACED WITH A GROUP OF PRIVATE INVESTORS.

We hope you take the chance to join us on our exciting and profitable ride.
Our original offer is still valid until the end of June 2012 and at time of writing a small amount of discounted gold stock remains available.
Offer FULLY Subscribed
Gold Investment BC owned and copyright Tribesa Trading PTE Ltd 2012